Catella Småbolagsfond

Invests in Swedish small sized companies and focuses on finding undervalued companies. Genuine stock picking, in other words.

Fund manager comment

The Swedish stock market performed well during the month, led by small caps. The global economy continues to do well, and economic data has generally been more solid than expected. Hopes of infrastructure investment, mostly focused on the United States, and a little concern about rising interest rates have driven the share prices of cyclical companies. There are both opportunities and threats for export-driven economies like Sweden. The US debt ceiling is back in the spotlight for March, and this has previously caused uncertainty and volatility. In addition, the political situation could be changeable as there are quite a few important elections in the euro area during the year.

February was another strong month for the stock market, with small caps generally outperforming the market as a whole. The Carnegie Small Cap Index was up 3.54 %, while the fund had a slightly weaker performance, gaining 2.81 %. Many small companies published their Q4 reports this month. Gränges, which started the year well, issued a disappointing statement and its stock was the fund’s largest negative contributor. Mekonomen and Camurus also contributed on the downside. Some companies in the fund issued really good reports, including Troax, Nobia and Kindred. Troax presented an interim report that far exceeded market expectations. The company continues to grow in all markets, and we still believe it is attractively valued despite the strong share performance.

Henrik Holmer, 2017-02-28

February was another strong month for the stock market.

Short Facts

Inception date: 16/02/1998
Risk category: 5
Sharpe ratio since inception: 0.52
Standard deviation, 2 years weekly data annualised: 15.07%
Year to date: 3.37%
Management fee: 1.5%

Data per 2017-02-28

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Catella Småbolagsfond invests in Swedish small caps and focuses on finding undervalued companies. Genuine stock picking, in other words. 

The fund is intended for investors seeking exposure to Swedish small caps, with a higher expected return than the Swedish stock market indices and who have an investment horizon of at least five to seven years. The fund is permitted to use derivatives and the net asset value of the fund may fluctuate considerably.

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