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Welcome to a new generation of asset management

Creating a strategy is easier than sticking to it. That is why we always maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients, irrespective of your chosen form of management or assets. Our advisors are here for you, now and in the future. And our fees are transparent and based on the opportunities we are able to generate.

We understand that our clients have different preferences when it comes to term of investment, risk and returns, as well as active or passive management. In short, as a Catella client, you can expect personalised management of your investments.

1. Risk and return

Our analytical toolbox allows us to work together to create a unique profile for you. We then use this profile to simulate various long-term scenarios and adjust assumptions for potential risk and return.

2. Strategic portfolio

In the Catella Dynamic process, we compose a strategic portfolio from a large palette of management modules, based on your individual risk and return profile. Our palette is made up of a wide range of actively and passively managed sub-portfolios with directly owned equities, bonds and funds. 

3. Active allocation

We then add tactical allocation to your long-term strategic portfolio. We apply our latest market outlook for the coming quarter, allowing us to regularly adjust your strategic portfolio to take advantage of short-term tactical elements. Consequently, your unique portfolio is also spiced up with, and benefits from, our near-term market outlook. 

You will be given access to Sweden’s broadest palette of assets

This palette consists of a wide range of actively and passively managed sub-portfolios. You have an enormous range available to you, without actually having to make the selections yourself. We work with the entire palette right from the start to provide you with wealth management that is unique to you. We select the best the market has to offer and are not limited to our own products.

The sub-portfolios are made up of directly owned equities, bonds and funds. Our investment committee is responsible for the overall strategy that forms the basis of active allocation, principally between the equity and fixed-income markets.

Unique strategic portfolio

We use our palette to create a unique strategic portfolio. The Catella Dynamic model provides an individually composed portfolio based on your risk profile. Below are some examples of individual strategic portfolios.

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Dennis Nygren

Global Head of Wealth Management
Direct: +352 621 30 59 98

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