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Securities Account

Your securities account provides you with an overview of all your assets. You can trade stocks, funds and bonds.

The Catella Securities Account is a product created to provide visibility and control over your entire assets. The account is intended to be an open platform for you to be able to gather as much as possible in one place. This is why at Catella you can bring together everything from cash to unlisted shares in a single account. You can trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc., and in the true spirit of Catella all trading takes place directly with our trading desk. Furthermore, you can easily track your investments through our Internet service on our website. When you log into your portfolio you get an overview of all your assets, and can request reports such as portfolio reports and documentation for your tax return, such as your K4.


When you open a securities account with Catella you receive a direct number to our trading desk, where you can make your transactions. You also receive access to foreign markets and the opportunity to receive analysis that Catella obtains from external research houses.


Catella's securities account is intended to be comprehensive for your assets. You can store everything from unlisted stocks to money in a Catella securities account. You can bring together all your equities, bonds, mutual funds, structured products and money in a single account with Catella.


Our securities account clients benefit from our Internet service, where you can access all the information about your assets, such as portfolio reports and tax return documents. In addition, we offer our securities account clients the choice of receiving their contract notes, statements and portfolio reports at home, by post or e-mail.


Capital gains tax

  • Conventional taxation
  • The advantage of capital gains tax is the tax credit, since tax is not payable until the transaction takes place. The potential for offsetting gains and losses is also advantageous.
  • The disadvantage of capital gains tax is the lock-in effect, which counteracts rational decisions on reallocation. In addition, tax calculations for tax returns are complex.
  • Individuals pay 30 % (capital gains tax) tax on capital gains
  • Limited liability companies pay 22 % (corporation tax) tax on capital gains

Contact us


Magnus Larsson

Account Manager
Direct: +46 31 600 171

Matts Nilsson

Account Manager
Direct: +46 40 622 12 13

Per Nordström

Head of Client Managers & Sales Stockholm
Direct: +46 8 614 25 32

Dennis Nygren

Global Head of Wealth Management
Direct: +352 621 30 59 98

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