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Welcome to financial planning that leaves no stone unturned

The objective of financial planning is to create an environment that fits your lifestyle, and we are talking about sustainability. Now, five years from now and thirty years from now.

The people who work with financial planning at Catella have learnt over many years that what looks like a simple and smart solution on paper is not always as simple and smart as it appears. A short-term legal and tax-efficient solution may be costly in the long run. For example, there may be lock-in effects that greatly restrict your future opportunities and those of the next generation.

Finding the right long-term solution requires that our advisors use their extensive experience to conduct a thorough analysis of your situation.

In this analysis, we cover areas such as taxation, pensions, family law, succession planning and the migration of assets to and from Sweden.

This means that we will ask a lot of questions and put forward a number of alternative solutions that we weigh against each other before we recommend a solution dedicated to you and sustainable over time.

We are convinced that asset management can never be better than the financial planning that goes into it. Accordingly, Catella involves a number of skills and allocates ample time to ensure the optimal outcome.

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Dennis Nygren

Global Head of Wealth Management
Direct: +352 621 30 59 98

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