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Career at Catella

Room for your ideas

Open positions
We believe in strong individuals that can develop clients in property and finance.

Our Values

  • Committed to sustaining principled and to achieve the highest standards of service. At Catella we always aim to deliver beyond the expected.


  • We welcome feedback, we hold ourselves accountable for our performance and seek to interact with dignity and integrity. At Catella we are supportive and positive.

  • We shall build on our reputation for deep knowledge and understanding of our markets. We are   receptive to new ideas and innovative when crafting our investment products.

  • At Catella there is always room for your idea - our people are our best asset and our clients and investors our primary focus. We seek to listen, to learn and to respond. Catella employees take responsibility for their contributions – we call it Dealability.

Catella Academy

Within Catella, we have established Catella Academy with the purpose to foster a common leadership and culture and to identify synergies that create value within the organization. It is an important platform for how we work with talent management and how we attract, develop and identify talent and key employees to retain and identify future leaders and ensure succession. Through the Academy, we create understanding of our strategy and a base for internal networking and collaboration. Catella Academy is divided into three programs with different focus and meeting frequency.

Young Professionals programme is for recently employed. The purpose is to educate about our values, strategy and get to learn others in the organisation but most important - to make our youngest talents to feel welcomed and selected.

Talent Management programme focus on high potentials and coming senior leaders. The programme aims to attract, retain and develop talents and future leaders with expanded knowledge, leadership training and succession planning. The delegates are nominated by Senior Management.

Senior Management programme focus on the Senior Managers within Catella. The programme is performed once a year with the focus to inform, network and share best practice together with strategy alignment and leadership.