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Ownership policy

Catella Fondförvaltning AB (”Catella”) acts exclusively in the joint interest of its clients. The objective of the management is that our clients' wealth should perform as well as possible.

1. Introduction

Chapter 15, Section 9 of Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) Regulations regarding investment funds and Article 37 of the EU Commission Delegated Regulation, require the board of directors of a fund management company and an alternative investment fund manager to adopt internal rules specifying the strategies the company shall apply to determine when and how voting rights linked to the financial instruments included in each fund are to be exercised.

The purpose of this document is to present how Catella Fondförvaltning AB (“Catella Fonder”) exercises its shareholder influence, including how and in what situations the voting rights linked to investments made within the context of the company’s business shall be exercised. The fundamental precept in all situations is that Catella Fonder shall act solely in the joint interests of fund unit holders and that voting rights shall be exercised to the exclusive benefit of each fund. The objective is that the funds should generate the highest possible return. The ownership role is exercised so as to maximise the long term value of portfolio companies and thus fund units. Fund assets are not included in the balance sheet of Catella Fonder and unit holders may at any time withdraw their money from the funds. It is therefore essential that Catella Fonder is able to sell its shares as necessary and without delay.

2. Policy for exercising shareholder influence

Catella Fonder invests on behalf of the funds, primarily in equities, bonds and other debt instruments and derivative instruments. The development of companies in which Catella Fonder invests is continuously monitored and if a company’s development gives reason for discontent, Catella Fonder may elect to express this discontent by selling its holding, engaging in dialogue with management or exercising influence through the rights conferred by the funds’ ownership. 

As a shareholder, Catella Fonder shall actively intervene in a portfolio company, either independently or jointly with other shareholders, if in the judgement of Catella Fonder it is possible thereby to create financial added value for unit holders. The potential to create added value varies among portfolio companies and depends upon factors including the size of the funds’ holding, the funds’ potential return from the holding, what opportunities exist for improving governance of the portfolio company and the ownership structure of the portfolio company in other respects. 

3. Attendance at general meetings

Catella Fonder shall normally attend general meetings of the companies in which the funds are major shareholders as well as the general meetings of other companies at which key issues are raised, and shall exercise its voting rights at these meetings. Catella Fonder considers itself a “major shareholder” if the funds own 5 percent or more of equity and/or voting rights in a portfolio company. Depending upon the ownership structure in other respects and existing opportunities for owner cooperation, Catella Fonder may also actively intervene in other portfolio companies.

4. Participation in nominating committees, etc.

If it is possible in Catella Fonder’s judgement to create added value for unit holders, Catella Fonder may exercise shareholder influence by having representatives on the nominating committees of portfolio companies. In exceptional cases, Catella Fonder may also appoint representatives to the boards of directors of portfolio companies.

Decisions to nominate representatives to the nominating committee or board of directors of a portfolio company are at the discretion of the CEO of Catella Fonder.

5. Exercising voting rights and monitoring corporate actions

  1. There are several companies within the Catella group (“Catella”) that invest on their own behalf or on behalf of clients. Operations within Catella Fonder are clearly separated from these other operations, and Catella Fonder shall therefore in exercising its voting rights consider only the best interests of unit holders, irrespective of any interests Catella may otherwise have in the company concerned. However, this does not preclude that coordinated action between Catella Fonder and another Catella company (or, for that matter, an external owner) concerning specific matters may be deemed to the benefit of unit holders. When Catella Fonder exercises its voting rights, it does so in accordance with the investment objectives and policy of each fund as set forth in the fund rules for each respective fund. When Catella Fonder exercises its voting rights, an assessment is made in every instance as to whether any conflict of interest may arise for the fund or fund unit holders and, if so, how such conflicts should be managed.
  2. The fund manager is ultimately responsible for monitoring corporate actions and for ensuring that the fund votes at general meetings in accordance with the investment objectives and policy. However, Catella Fonder applies the fundamental precept that all funds must be in consensus concerning important matters affecting the company's operations. To this end, Catella Fonder has appointed an ownership representative who, in consultation with fund managers, decides how the fund shall vote at general meetings. The ownership representative in turn reports to the CEO of Catella Fonder and to the Board of Directors.
  3. The foregoing policy that each fund manager is responsible for that a fund votes in accordance with the fund's investment policy ensures that conflicts of interest are managed.
  4. Catella Fonder may, if deemed appropriate, issue a proxy to a third party to represent Catella Fonder at general meetings. Such a proxy shall be preceded by the same preparatory work as if Catella Fonder itself, through an employee, were to be represented at the meeting.

Upon request and free of charge, Catella Fonder will subsequently report to unit holders its positions on key individual ownership issues and the underlying rationale in each case.

6. Information policy concerning social and environmental responsibility and governance

Catella Fonder has taken a clear ethical stance by signing the Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI), and by adopting a policy for responsible investment and by generally and transparently disclosing its work with ethics. This is the backbone of our ethical profile. Based on our own values and our clients’ preferences, this position has resulted in the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects with our management activities. The policy applies to Catella Fonder's equity funds, except Catella Sverige Index, and their Nordic equity holdings. 

7. Management of insider information in the exercise of shareholder influence

Catella Fonder’s mandate in connection with the management of investment funds and alternative investment funds is to act exclusively in the joint interests of unit holders. Accordingly, Catella shall as far as possible avoid restrictions to fund management. Catella therefore avoids, to the greatest possible extent, accessing information that affects prices and which is not generally known or is non-public (insider information), or accessing information bordering on insider information, that is, grey zones, referred to generally as “insider situations.”  Despite this, Catella will from time to time find itself in insider situations. Policies are in place to manage these situations, including that the group of individuals informed about the insider situation must be restricted as far as possible and that Catella Fonder must take action to prevent employees from using the information for personal gain or in the company’s operations.

Please direct any questions concerning Catella Fonder's ownership policy to the company's ownership representative or the CEO.

Adopted by the board of directors 4 December 2017

Risk information

Investments in fund units are associated with risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in a fund can increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that you will get back the full amount invested. No consideration is given to inflation. The Catella Balanserad, Catella Credit Opportunity and Catella Hedgefond funds are special funds under the Swedish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (SFS 2013:561) (AIFM). Catella Sverige Aktiv Hållbarhet and Catella Småbolagsfond may use derivatives, and the value of the funds may vary significantly over time. The value of Catella Sverige Index may vary significantly over time. Catella Avkastningsfond may use derivatives and may have a larger proportion of the fund invested in bonds and other debt instruments issued by individual national and local authorities and within the EEA than other investment funds, in accordance with Chapter 5, Article 8 of the Swedish Investment Funds Act (SFS 2004:46). Catella Nordic Long Short Equity and Catella Nordic Corporate Bond Flex may use derivatives and may have a greater proportion of the funds invested in bonds and other debt instruments issued by individual national and local authorities and within the EEA than other investment funds. For more details, complete prospectuses, key investor information, and annual and half-yearly reports, please refer to our website at or phone +46 8 614 25 00.
Last changed: 4 December 2017

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