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Urban life

Catella Project Management has committed itself to the development and conceptual design of needs-oriented and sustainable products. In the project “Customized Developments”, Catella constructs tailored properties for commercial tenants and customers. In the residential program “Urban Life” we develop housing in a neighbourhood concept. 

The concept is based on the fact that our life functions have fundamentally changed. The clear separation of work, leisure, residence, sport etc. have already been dissolved amongst all age groups. Catella therefore develop not only pure residential areas but rather combine modern life functions in an urban context. Urban Life will allow long-term investment security and is based on 4 key theses:

“Middle income group”

Our focus is the middle income group because in this segment there is the most numerous audience and purchasing power, which has so far not been sufficiently supplied with adequate housing.


Construction quality according to the latest state of the art in attractive urban locations ensures a long-term investment security with optimized financing conditions.

“Well mixed”

We offer a wide range of residential mix and diverse plan designs to address a wide range of users on the basis of local demand (families, singles, DINK'S, Silver Surfers, etc.).

“Equitable rental price”

An effective layout creates a very high utility of dwellings. The relationship between the rent and the utility is balanced.