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Sustainability at Catella


Catella_NH_Strategie_grafiken_2.pngAs a real estate investment management company, we are aware of and work actively to fulfil our responsibility to the environment and society. With this in mind, we as a company are pursuing a clear vision: Applying CREAG’s responsible action to help shape permanently sustainable environmental, economic and social development!

To realise this vision, we have strategically anchored five fields of responsible action in our CREAG Sustainability Strategy 2025 and linked them to 18 transparent and concrete sustainability goals . The sustainability goals set are based, among other things, on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and at the same time reflect CREAG's understanding of sustainability and the assumption of responsibility.

We developed and defined this uniform understanding of sustainability and assumption of responsibility for our company, as well as our above-mentioned five fields of responsible action, as part of the CREAG Sustainability Statement .

Taking responsibility also plays an important role in our real estate investment solutions. With this in mind, we take ecological and/or social criteria into account throughout the life cycle of selected funds as part of responsible real estate investment management.

In 2011, in cooperation with Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG, we launched "SSP - Sarasin Sustainable Properties ", the first real estate special AIF with environmental and social criteria as a key component of the fund strategy. This was followed just two years later by the launch of the "CMS - Catella Multitenant Stiftungsfonds ", another special fund in cooperation with Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG that takes ecological and social criteria into account.

In the following years, Catella Real Estate AG developed its own tool for sustainability analysis - the Catella Sustainability Monitor , which has been successfully applied to selected real estate funds since 2017. The monitor was used for the first time with the launch of "KCD-Catella Nachhaltigkeit IMMOBILIEN Deutschland". The open-ended public real estate AIF was launched in cooperation with BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG, Darlehnskasse Münster eG and Bank für Kirche und Diakonie eG and pursues a holistic sustainability approach taking into account the three pillars environment, economic and social.

Building on this partnership, the special fund "KCD-Catella Immobilien mit sozialer Verantwortung " was launched in 2020 together with BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG and Darlehnskasse Münster eG. The focus of the holistic sustainable and ethical approach here is on socially responsible real estate management. In order to ensure this, social responsibility guidelines have been drawn up, which are taken into account both in the acquisition and in the portfolio management of the properties.

With "Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus ", Catella Real Estate AG's first warehouse and logistics real estate fund that takes ecological and social criteria into account was launched in 2020. Like the two KCD funds, "Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus" also integrates the holistic sustainability approach. In the context, all investments are examined and evaluated with the help of the Catella Sustainability Monitor - which has been adapted to the special requirements of the "logistics" type of use.

With the funds mentioned above, "Sarasin Sustainable Properties - European Cities", "KCD-Catella Nachhaltigkeit IMMOBILIEN Deutschland", "KCD-Catella Immobilien mit sozialer Verantwortung" and "Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus", we are currently represented on the market with four Article 8 products in accordance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).


Responsible real estate investment solutions of Catella Real Estate AG:

Fund Name


Launch Year

Sarasin Sustainable Properties - European Cities



Catella Multitenant Stiftungsfonds



KCD-Catella Nachhaltigkeit IMMOBILIEN Deutschland



KCD-Catella Immobilien mit sozialer Verantwortung



Catella Logistik Deutschland Plus



IWS III - Wirtschaftsregion Süddeutschland Plus




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