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Our funds

Catella Real Estate AG offers specialised European property funds with access to Catella’s leading local investment teams.

The funds apply a variety of investment strategies as to risk and yield levels, property type and locations. Through 16 open-end and regulated property funds, investors gain access to fund management and effective allocation among various European markets. Management combines the highest level of specialist knowledge within the investment strategy of each fund with Catella’s local presence in the respective markets.

Fund overview

Catella Real Estate AG's funds are mainly designed for institutional investors and are characterised in each case by a clear profile and a focus on specific risk classes (Core, Core+) and regions.

Public funds
Catella European Residential
Catella Bavaria
Catella Modernes Wohnen
Catella MAX
Catella Wohnen Europa
Focus Nordic Cities
KCD-Catella Nachhaltigkeit IMMOBILIEN Deutschland
Special Funds
Catella Creating Value
Catella Dutch Residential II
Catella Multitenant Stiftungsfonds
Catella Parken Europa
Catella Scandia Chances
Focus Global Forests
Focus HealthCare
Immo-Spezial - Wirtschaftsregion Süddeutschland
IWS II - Wirtschaftsregion Süddeutschland
Panta Rhei Dutch Residential
Sarasin Sustainable Properties - European Cities

Investment Profiles

Domestic Investment Profile (Germany 2019)

International Investment Profile (2019)

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