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Catella Dutch Residential II

Core residential investments in selected locations in the Netherlands and Belgium with the addition of "senior housing".

With the launch of the special fund "Catella Dutch Residential II" in the third quarter of 2018, Catella Real Estate AG is launching the successor to the successful "Panta Rhei Dutch Residential Fund". The open-ended real estate special fund "Catella Dutch Residential II" invests primarily in economically strong regions in the Netherlands and to a small extent in Belgium. The focus is on classic residential real estate. As an admixture, apartments specially selected by senior citizens ("senior housing") are also being examined. The investment concept is classified as "core".

As an experienced partner in the Netherlands, Catella IM Benelux provides advice on acquisitions and asset management, while Catella Real Estate AG focuses on fund management, fund raising, accounting and fund administration.

With "Catella Dutch Residential II", investors benefit from long-term positive, fundamental demand and supply-side factors in the traditional residential rental and senior housing market in the Netherlands and Belgium. Favuorable demographic prospects as well as the development of household sizes are creating a further shortage of housing with corresponding effects on price and value development. Both rental and value increases show further signs of growth. In addition, the supply of senior housing in the Netherlands is very limited, which will continue to have a positive impact on fund performance.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment Risks

  • High occupancy rate leads to stable net income in the coming years.
  • The fundamental demand and supply-side factors for investments in the traditional residential rental and senior housing market in the Netherlands are positive in the long term.
  • The favorable demographic outlook and the trend in household size will ensure a further shortage of housing, with a corresponding impact on price and value development.
  • Achieving stable returns through professional, local asset management.
  • Interest rate risk with regard to debt financing and liquidity investments.
  • Limited possibility of return due to legal deadlines.
  • Property-related risks such as valuation, outstanding rental payments, occupancy rate.
  • Completion of construction projects may be delayed or more expensive than assumed at the start of construction.


  • Investment Profile


The information and data are provided on a voluntary basis and may not be sufficient or suitable to support an informed investment decision without further explanations and additional information, in particular the relevant sales documents of the investment fund (e.g. sales prospectus, key investor information). It is therefore recommended that investors also read the sales documents carefully before making an investment decision and, in particular, consult their investment advisor and tax advisor if they have any questions.

Portfolio Manager


Axel Bertram

Portfolio Management Catella Dutch Residential II
Direct: +49 89 189 16 65 0
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Marius Frank

Co-Portfolio Manager
Direct: +49 89 189 16 65 0
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