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Catella Scandia Chances

Core / Core+ Investments at selected Nordic target markets.

Catella Scandia Chances is a Product of Catella Real Estate AG in Munich. The fund caters specifically to the needs of institutional investors. The fund is only approved for acquisition by legal persons.

The investment universe is the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In addition to the regional diversification, the product is characterized by a sectoral diversification in the segments offices, retail, logistics and to a lesser extent in properties with other types of use.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment Risks

  • Realization of attractive long-term cash-on-cash returns with simultaneous value stability.
  • High occupancy rate and fixed interest rates lead to stable net income in the coming years.
  • Scandinavian office/retail and logistics real estate investments in a relatively stable economic environment.
  • Achievement of stable returns through professional asset management.
  • Structurally increased concentration risk due to investments in the Stockholm and Copenhagen locations.
  • Interest rate risk with regard to debt financing and liquidity investments.
  • Limited return options due to legal deadlines.
  • Property-related risks such as valuation, outstanding rental payments, occupancy rate.


The information and data are provided on a voluntary basis and may not be sufficient or suitable to support an informed investment decision without further explanations and additional information, in particular the relevant sales documents of the investment fund (e.g. sales prospectus, key investor information). It is therefore recommended that investors also read the sales documents carefully before making an investment decision and, in particular, consult their investment advisor and tax advisor if they have any questions.

Portfolio Manager


Axel Bertram

Portfolio Management Catella Scandia Chances
Direct: +49 89 189 16 65 0
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Marius Frank

Co-Portfolio Manager
Direct: +49 89 189 16 65 0
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