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Catella Creating Value

"Core Plus" commercial investments at selected locations in Germany.

With the timely planned launch of the "Catella Creating Value Germany" (CCV) special fund , Catella Real Estate AG is launching a new fund for professional and semi-professional investors in the commercial real estate sector. The open-ended special real estate fund "Catella Creating Value Germany" invests in low-valued commercial real estate with value creation potential in Germany, which is to be developed into high-quality real estate. The focus here is on "Core Plus" properties in sustainable locations that generate a robust cash flow, supplemented by "Manage-to-Core" properties (≤%) in order to generate an attractive risk-adjusted total return.  The strategy focuses on investments in cities with current and future solid fundamentals combined with stable cash flow from property acquisitions. The development of a broadly diversified, growth-oriented portfolio will take place within the next five to ten years. The overall investment concept is rated as "Core Plus".

Catella Real Estate AG as a capital management company will be advised by Catella Asset Management GmbH (CAM) on all asset management issues. CAM operates on the market as a professional asset management service provider with a focus on office and retail properties as well as properties that are to be converted into residential properties. CAM is a joint venture between Catella Real Estate AG and Kriton Immobilien GmbH. The focus here is on properties with potential for value recovery. The aim is to increase the earnings potential of such properties - located in high-growth regions of Germany - through active asset management.  Kriton Immobilien GmbH  has been active as an independent real estate investment manager in Germany for 10 years. With assets under management (AuM) of currently around EUR 430 million, the Munich-based company is positioned on the market as a full-service provider, primarily for institutional investors and wealthy private investors.

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