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Focus Nordic Cities

The Nordic Property Fund.

The Focus Nordic Cities fund invests in the Northern European market comprising Scandinavia and all other countries bordering the Baltic Sea. This heterogeneous region is characterised by a higher economic growth compared to the European average, a good infrastructural network and a well-connected foreign trade as well as a high global competitiveness due to investments in innovations and education. Furthermore, a low national debt, a high income per capita, especially in Scandinavia, and a low unemployment rate contribute to the prosperity of the region.

Depending on the regional economic development, the fund acquires selected properties and developments in the respective capitals and medium sized cities with regional economic importance in order to obtain a geographically diversified and well-balanced portfolio. Besides office buildings, retail and logistic properties as well as hotels are purchased to compensate volatilities in the different market segments.

Fund Facts

Minimum Investment Amount   500.000 EUR

A0MY55 / DE000A0MY559

Clearstream-Compliance   Yes
Fund Inception   03. September 2007
Fiscal Year   01. September until 31. August

Historical development


Date of distributionDistribution per unitTax-free portion (for units in private portfolios)
20. December 2018 .35 EUR n/a
20. June 2018 0.90 EUR  n/a
20. December 2017 1.30 EUR  81,4%
20. June 2017 1,00 EUR 86.5 %
20. December 2016 0.22 EUR  43.9%
28. December 2015 0.03 EUR n/a
15. December 2014 0.10 EUR n/a
19. December 2013 0.15 EUR n/a
  3. December 2012 0.28 EUR 22.7%
  1. December 2011 0.34 EUR 24.2%
  1. December 2010 0.33 EUR 33.6%
  1. December 2009 0.29 EUR 19.9%
  1. December 2008 0.36 EUR 28.5%

Portfolio Manager


Thomas Kübler

Portfolio Management Focus Nordic Cities
Direct: +49 89 189 16 65 0

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