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5 September 2023, Europe, Germany | News

Catella Infographic: Time for countercyclical investing?

A simple question: "Is there actually an optimal time to invest in office properties?" Admittedly, this is a question that is directed more at professional investors. After all, they really ought to know, don't they?

Countercyclical investing:

... is an investment timing strategy that aims to profit by trading against prevailing opinion.

Problem areas here are: Psyche - Timing of action - Long-term trend - Rationality.

Psyche: We are coming out of a cycle with an overestimation of the market - interest rates up significantly in the short term

Time of action: Current emotional swings between bottoming, interest rate increases & insolvencies.

Long-term trend: Life without (office) real estate due to remote working?


Long term leases = stable cash flows.

Location importance CBD = long term appreciation potential.

ESG and regulatory = energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

Coworking and collaboration = personal interaction, teamwork, spontaneity.

In general, the real estate market offers the opportunity for countercyclical investment due to distinct cycles.

Have fun with our infographic!