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Accounting policies

The Consolidated Accounts of Catella were prepared in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, Recommendation RFR 1 supplementary Accounting Rules for Groups and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IFRIC interpretation statements endorsed by the EU. The Consolidated Accounts were prepared under historical cost convention, apart from the re-measurement of financial assets held for sale and financial assets and liabilities (including derivative instruments) at fair value through profit or loss.

The preparation of financial statements requires the Board of Directors and Group Management to make estimates and judgements. These estimates and judgements affect the income statement, statement of Comprehensive income and statement of financial position, as well as the disclosures provided, such as contingent liabilities. Actual outcomes may differ from these assessments in the context of other assumptions or in other circumstances. The areas involving a high degree of judgement and that are complex, or such areas for which assumptions and estimates are of material importance to the Consolidated Accounts, include the assessment of future cash flows, which for example, form the basis of the measurement of loan portfolios, goodwill, trademark and contract portfolios, the measurement of deferred tax assets attributable to tax-loss carry-forwards, the measurement of accounts receivable, as well as assessments of disputes and the need to provision for them.

The annual report contains the complete version of the accounting policies. Reports and presentations