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Research as a base for investment decisions

Our professionals’ local knowledge of each unique market makes Catella a source of not just powerful market knowledge, but qualified market understanding. Knowing your market is the first key to delivering quality property advisory services. In our research, Catella combines perspectives and experience from investment banking with traditional property brokerage. That is how we become the link between property and finance.

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12 August 2020 | News

Catella Logistics Market Map Europe 2020

From the perspective of the capital markets, the European logistics market is seen as the winner of the pandemic in the medium to long term: the unstoppable "booming e-commerce", intensified by the side effects of an ever-increasing nationwide spread of working from home at the end customer level, but also as a result of the dramatic upheavals among department store providers in Europe, make this mixture a positive situation to investors. In operational terms, the first measurable effects of production relocation are now being felt, and with them a change in location within the European conurbations. All in all, the sector’s resilience and importance make "logistics" a strategic must-have investment at present.

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27 July 2020 | News

Catella European Office Market Map 2020

Catella Research has again analysed the European office real estate market in a total of 37 locations in 18 countries. Despite the ongoing corona pandemic, the transaction volume in office real estate in the countries analysed by Catella has remained relatively stable at a total of approximately €39.7 billion. Compared to the previous year, this represents a decline of only approx. 9%. The transaction volume in Luxembourg and Belgium rose disproportionately strongly with an increase of 119% and 115% respectively. In contrast, countries such as Portugal (-74%), Great Britain (-46%) and Ireland (-41%) recorded the sharpest declines.

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11 May 2020 | News

Catella: Implications COVID-19 on the Real Estate Markets

Catella Research presents a report on COVID-19 implications on the European Real Estate Markets.

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25 March 2020 | News

Catella Office Market Map Germany 2020

The economic phase that lies ahead of us will undoubtedly become more volatile and recessive, and analysts will again discuss the "V", "U" or "L" formations that pictorially describe this economic environment in the coming weeks. We also like to work with pictures and have therefore analysed the German office property markets again in our Office Market Map 2020. 

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18 March 2020 | News

Catella European residential market map 2020

The world around us is currently changing dramatically, but continuity should also determine our future actions. One component of our claim to information on the markets for you is to continue with what is tried and tested. Once again, Catella Research has analysed the commercial residential real estate market of 59 cities in 19 European countries. 

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16 March 2020 | News

Catella Residential Map Germany 2020

Much, perhaps too much, is currently being written about the German residential real estate markets, but with less substantial content. With our annual residential property map on rents & yields at 81 locations, we would like to contribute a little more substance in the form of figures & values to the charged discussion on rent caps & co.

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17 February 2020 | News

Office and Investment Market Germany 2019/2020

Once again, a look back at the outstanding performance of the real estate markets meets an economy that has been running smoothly so far in the first quarter of 2020, but also shows signs of a more cautious approach.

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11 February 2020 | News

Catella Investment Market Europe 2020

In recent months, we have been reading a lot about increasing geopolitical risks on the markets. This is how it is felt, or at least this impression is reinforced, if you read the headlines superficially. Are the risks really getting bigger?

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7 February 2020 | News

Catella Market Indicator - Finland, Spring 2020

Investment market still active Property trade’s transaction volume remains strong despite last year’s decrease from 2018 to circa EUR 6.3 billion. This is partially because there were no billion-euro transactions in 2019 as opposed to previous years. However, international investors continue to find Finland still attractive. In 2019, Finland gained property investments worth EUR 3.1 billion, which is circa 49% of all investments.

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