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Investments in funds are subject to risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in a fund can increase and decrease in value and there is no guarantee that you will get back the full amount invested. No consideration is given to inflation. The funds Catella Balanserad, Catella Credit Opportunity, Catella Hedgefond and ICA-fonderna are special funds pursuant to the Swedish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (SFS 2013:561) (AIFMA). For a complete prospectus, key investor information, or the annual and half-year reports, please contact us using the details below.

This website is not intended, and should not be understood, as an offer to buy or sell, nor is it a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, any security, service or financial instrument, and any such offer may be made only by delivery of the relevant offering documents of the relevant investment vehicle which describes material risks which may be involved with respect to such an investment and which must be received and reviewed prior to any such investment. Distribution of information in respect of the investment vehicles described on this website in certain jurisdictions may be restricted by law. Users of this website are required to inform themselves about and observe such restrictions. Catella Fondförvaltning AB, its affiliates and management companies have no responsibility whatsoever to verify that any use of this website, a request or a receipt of any information or any investment has been made in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The units of investment vehicles described on this website have not been registered and are not anticipated to be registered in accordance with any securities legislation in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere and may not be offered or sold to persons in these countries except pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the registration requirements of such applicable law. No offering of units of the Sweden domiciled investment vehicles described on this website is or will be made to persons whose participation in the relevant investment vehicle requires that further information memoranda are issued or that registration or other measures are taken in addition to those required under Swedish law. 

Catella Fondförvaltning AB, below Catella, has prepared this presentation for professional investors. When preparing the presentation, Catella has not taken into account any one customer’s particular investment objectives, financial resources or other relevant circumstances and not adapted the information herein to such circumstances and interests. The presentation is consequently not to be regarded as investment advice. Costumer´s who wants individually accustomed advice regarding the products comprised by the presentation should contact an investment advisor.

All investments in securities involve risks, which include (among others) the risk of adverse or unanticipated market-, financial- or political developments and, in international transactions, currency risk. Due to such risks the value of securities may always appreciate as well as depreciate. Historical returns are no guarantee for future returns.

Catella has used care and attention in the preparation of this information and based all information and opinions herein on sources that are believed to be accurate. Although reasonable measures has been taken to ensure that the contents are not untrue or misleading, Catella can however not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information or that there are no typographical errors or omissions. Catella has no responsibility for the information beyond what is required by the law governing the company's operations.

Catella is, unless otherwise is explicitly stated, the owner of all works of authorship including, but not limited to, all design, text, sound recordings, images and trademarks in this presentation. The use of Catellas material, works or trademarks is forbidden without prior written consent except where otherwise is expressly stated. Furthermore, it is prohibited to publish material made or gathered by Catella without written consent.

Investments in funds are subject to risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in a fund can increase and decrease in value and there is no guarantee that you will get back the full amount invested. Read more here