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Complaints officer

It matters to us that you, the client, are satisfied with our services and the way we treat you. If we have not lived up to your expectations, we want to know.

Information about complaints

Catella Fondförvaltning AB (the Company) strives to maintain a high level of service, and complaints are something we take very seriously. Any complaints that we receive are treated with due care and diligence.


A complaint in this context means a specific dissatisfaction with the handling of a financial service or product in a specific case and where the Company is unable to satisfy the requirements of the investor/client. General comments and general discontent are not complaints in this context, and nor are discontent and viewpoints when the situation can be resolved directly, quickly and easily in an amicable way through contact between the investor/client and an officer of the Company. Complaints must be submitted in writing, by letter to Catella Fondförvaltning AB, Compliance Officer, Box 7328, 103 90 Stockholm, Sweden, or by email to or by fax to +46 8 611 01 30.

Complaints regarding Catella SICAV

If an investor in Catella SICAV make a concrete dissatisfaction with the company's management or distribution of Catella SICAV, the complaint shall be dealt with as follows. These complaints should also be reported monthly to SEB Fund Services S.A. in Luxembourg.

Complaints officer

The Company's complaints officer is the Company's Compliance Officer.

Handling complaints

Complaints will be answered as soon as possible. If the complaint cannot be answered within 14 days you will be informed within that time that the matter is being processed.

If we do not feel able to uphold a complaint, clients have the right to receive a written response with our explanation.

Clients not satisfied with our handling of a complaint can contact the Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau for guidance or their municipal consumer guidance service.

You may also refer the matter to the National Board for Consumer Disputes or to a court.

Last changed: 28 November 2018

Elisabeth Hult

Compliance officer
Direct: +46 8 614 25 23

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