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T_Internal control

T_The Board of Directors has ultimate respon­sibility for the company’s follow- ups and internal control, and has delegated ongoing administration of the company’s affairs to the Chief Executive Officer in dedicated instructions. T_The company’s authorised signatories are the Board as a whole or two Board Members jointly and severally. T_The Chief Executive Officer may serve as sole signatory T_of the company concerning matters of ongoing administration, in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act.

T_The Catella Group consists of some 50 subsidiaries active in 12 European countries. T_Operations are mainly decentralised. T_Rules of procedure formalizing the division of responsibility between subsidiary Boards of Directors and the Managing Directors of each subsidiary are adopted by subsidiary Boards of Directors. T_The basis of internal control is a control environment that consists of the company’s and the Group’s corporate culture and business ethics, which are followed up and led with the aid of collective reporting procedures and standards. T_One important element of the Group’s follow-ups and governance is that Group Management is represented on subsidiary Boards of Directors and also reports to the Parent Company’s Board of Directors.

T_Several of the Group’s subsidiaries conduct operations that are subject to regulation by the financial supervisory authority of each jurisdiction. T_This implies that parts of the Group comprise a consolidatedT_ financial situation under the supervision of applicable regulatory frameworks. T_The Board of Directors of Catella AB has appointed risk management, compliance and internal audit functions for the consolidated financial situation, which report regularly to the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. T_Regulations that the subsidiaries are subject to affect the organizational structure. T_For example, these companies have risk management functions, compliance functions and internal audit, and report to the relevant subsidiary Managing Directors, directly to the company’s Board of Directors, and to the Managers of each function of the Group’s consolidated financial situation.Group Management is represented on subsidiaries’ Boards of Directors and also reports to the Parent Company’s Board of Directors. T_The subsidiary Board of Directors of these companies also have independent Board Members.