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2021-08-26 11:23 CET, Germany | Press release

Catella and Elithis team up with BBC StoryWorks- The world’s first energy-positive residential towers

Catella and Elithis begin the first large-scale investment programme to de-carbonise Europe’s housing sector, the biggest contributor to EU carbon emissions, through the development of the world’s first energy-positive residential towers. By eliminating household energy bills through solar power self-sufficiency the energy-positive Elithis towers also offer real effective affordable rents, so directly linking and tackling the two greatest challenges of our times: climate change and social inequality. We teamed up with BBC StoryWorks to show what it is like to live in the first of these game changing homes, which are located in Strasbourg, France.

View movie: BBC StoryWorks – Housing Europe – Elithis Tower Elithis-Catella Partnership

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